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that they are sick of violence in oakland and that's a direct response. >> just a few days over the gun buyback in oakland, the youth uprising say that even more young people have come forward to sell back all sorts of weapons for $200 each from handguns to rifles. even ones with a bay and net and many are more sophisticated than what the cops carry. >> this guy, a mac11, capable of going fully automatic. >> reporter: another young man turned in a machine gun as well. this is a calico .9 mm, going automatic with the choice between50 rounds and -- between 50 rounds and 100-round magazines a-- 100 rounds in a magazine each. >> we kept the door open, asking for guns. >> reporter: the man putting more than $100,000 behind the project keep stevens, owner of the purple heart says that he is inspired to do more. >> with all the pardons that we have in place and, you know, individuals reaching out from across the country, now we are looking at a national gun buyback day as we often have a national night out. >> reporter: the mayor ed lee declared san francisco's buyback effort a success with 300 guns,
chase and then gave up. >> if anyone could straighten out the terrible problem that oakland has, he can. >> oakland calls in reinforcements. the tough cop they've hired as a consultant and what he plans to do right away to get a handle on crime. >> my own mom had christmas dinner told me do not raise my taxes. >> the bay area's newly elected congressman getting plenty of advice on his way to washington. what he says he can teach the old guard about compromise. >> new at 10, a police officer arrives home to find he's become a crime victim. three burglars caught in the act of stealing the policeman's guns. christin ayers on what happened next. >> reporter: police say burglaries in this area have become so widespread that even cops have become targets. >> we do have a lot of law enforcement folks that live in our city. they are the victims of burglaries. >> reporter: most recently last night. three burglars already ransacking a police officer ice home here in southeast ann tee job when the officer came home. >> interrupted the burglary and three subjects fled out of the back of the home. >
, that's why gun owners turn in their weapons. the large turnover in oakland was partly a result of the connecticut tragedy. >> it only takes one gun and one bullet to kill somebody. >> reporter: the turnout for this gun buy back was unprecedented. people started lining up four hours before it began. the line stretching for blocks in east oakland. everyone came to exchange their firearms, $200 cash for each working gun. >> some guns off the streets, our grand kids or someone can't get these guns. >> reporter: more than 100 people have been killed in oakland so far this year. gunfire hit four people a few blocks away at international and 85th in broad daylight 7:30 a.m. while this happens all too often in oakland, it's the connecticut school massacre that's on a lot of people's minds today. >> it puts the gun violence in a different perspective. >> now they understand at much more profound level that having a gun in your home that is not safely kept could be a gun in the street committing a crime. >> reporter: oakland police say the most dangerous times of year, right before chris
some scattered showers before the even arrives. oakland, berkeley, and richmond south of san leandro, and some light to moderate showers, san mateo, san bruno, red wood city. all the yellow and red and darker green, those are lightning strikes. that's the next round poised to move in. santa rosa, 2.5 inches of rain, and the north bay mountains had half a foot of rain in the past two hours. it was really windy too! san francisco topped out with a 43-mile per hour wind gust. oakland 37, san jose and concord 30 miles per hour. we'll talk about round 2, and there's one day in the forecast which is mainly dry. >>> and rain in the bay area means snow in the sierra, and it is really coming down tonight! 5 feet expected in the higher elevation ss by sunday. caltrans has put snow plows into rounds clock action. the roads are open but chains are required. >>> in mendocino, as a truck was cross, the truck's axle got caught in a hole, ripping the trailer away. fortunately no injuries. >>> alisa harrington has more on the rain and the problems it's causing. >> reporter: the north bay has really b
than 10 years. >>> the port of oakland and union workers have reached a tentative contract agreement. two weeks ago more than 500 members of sciu local 1021 went on strike. both sides had been bargaining at the table for 60 months. details of the agreement will be released from the contract when it is voted on wednesday. >>> the highway patrolman is recovering after flipping his cruiser on 580 during the overnight chase. it happened near the road around 3:30 a.m. and the trooper swerved to avoid a big rig and hit an embankment rolling his patrol car. he wasn't seriously hurt. the suspect he was chasing was caught and arrested. >>> the weekend shooting of a young man brings san jose's murder rate to a 20-year high. police say 17-year-old daniel cappatillo died on friday night. the victim of the suspected gang killing, which marks san jose's 43rd murder of 2012. the last time the city had that many killings was in 1997. >>> closing in on the fiscal cliff, the latest offer and rejection in washington. strange new clues about the whereabouts of a missing millionaire from silicone valley.
. >>> gun owners turned in their weapon in exchange for cash this weekend n. oakland, the turnout was unprecedented. people started lining up for hours before the event began in oakland. the line stretching for blocks in east oakland. everyone came to exchange their firearms. they get $200 cash for each working gun they turned in and for a lot of people, connecticut was very much on their mind. >> it just puts whole gun violence at a different perspective and makes everything real. >> the guns off of the streets, our grandkids or some kids can't get the guns and go out and kill somebody. >> just as cars were lining up for the buyback, ironically gun fire hit four people a few blocks away at international and 85 th in oakland in broad daylight. also, a long line in san francisco yesterday. had a gun buyback there and the police worked with community groups to get the word out about that program and so many people respond said they ran out of money and had to give ious. >> and my family's personal history was stolen by guns in their lifetime, my grandfather and father, my mother's a
. before the oakland shooting in april this year, that support dropped to 53%. >> reporter: the number of mass shootings have gone up in recent history. this year we have had 7 incidents where four or more people were killed. that is the highest number we have seen in the past 30 years. >> and coming up, if something like this would happen to you, what would you do? the three words that could help you survive. >> another chilly night. some of you are already in the 30s. santa rosa foggy, 36. how cold we get tonight? when is the rain coming back? details in your forecast in a few minutes. around schools to >>> the violence in connecticut caused several bay area police departments to step up their presence around schools today. oakland, fremont, palo alto, all increase school police patrols. san francisco police already have resource officers on campus they are double checking their school safety plan. >>> it is not something wants to imagine but what are you supposed to do if a gunman walks on to your campus or office? the three words that are crucial to survival. >> reporter: a worst c
in oakland. he put a number on that pledge to the tune of $200 million. goodell says the league's investment would require a deal between the raiders and oakland officials. >>> a big milestone for the 49ers stadium. it topped out today with two beams at the structure's highest point. they were signed by the teams, city leaders and construction workers. >> for years it has been the only blemish in apple's gleaming image. its contractors labor practices. now word that apple is going to start doing some insources. what that could mean for the california economy. >> if you're against it signing up here. >> they're prepped for a fight against a corporate giant. why some members of this neighborhood are determined to prevent the opening of yet another starbucks. >> mother nature offering us a break tonight. there is nothing, zero rainfall on high def doppler. we're coming up on a weekend. will it stay dry for saturday and sunday? here's a live peek outside. we'll see if the forecast looks good. america" label is the latest thing from apple. the silicon valley giant is aboo spend millions to begin
the murder and the irs about possible tax evasion. >> when it comes to traffic stops oakland police don't make them like they used to. the numbers are way down, by 75% from just a few years ago. officers have made fewer than 16,000 stops this year. that is down from 68,000 in 2009. police point to layoffs and staffing shortages that put low priority item osen the back burner. some officers complain that the paperwork process is complicated. >>> bay area shoppers got unusual protection today. special escorts at a bart station. why some people are asking what's the point. >> reporter: 'tis the season for stealing. he was on his way to the west oakland bart station a few weeks ago when suddenly. >> i was ambushed by two men. they pointed a gun at me. took my stuff and pistol whipped me in the face. >> reporter: it's been happening more frequently at bart stations this holiday season. especially to riders saturday thed with shopping bags. glare watching you and noticing you're not watching them. they're going to take that opportunity to take that property from you. >> reporter: the most com
world. >> reporter: the money ran out in oakland too. but the program donors stepped up. keith stevenson gave another $50,000 to keep it going. >> reporter: police sea this buy-back program -- say this buy-back program this past weekend was the most successful one they've ever seen. the community groups who posted this program say there are plans in the works for a statewide gun buy-back program. >>> for the latest on the elementary school tragedy, you can go to >>> it's going to be the coldest night of the season! we haven't seen temperatures this low in nearly a year! >> it was january 17th the last time we were this chilly. feels a lot like christmas outside! union city, you will wake up tomorrow morning to 35 degrees. santa clara down to 34. the north bay, you're under a free warning. clear lake, 27 degrees. areas in red, that's the freeze warning, much if not all of the north bay away from the ocean. frost advisory for all of the south bay, all of the east bay, oakland, alameda, walnut creek. and upper 20s are likely for santa rosa and napa and sonoma and fairfield. i ma
. oakland is 130 for the year, 26% increase from 2011. san jose's 45 is still a low for a city of almost a million people and it's still 12 1/2% higher than in 2011. >>> the police are looking for a man in an especially brutal robbery in san francisco. the thug took off. patrick sedealo explains that the crime took a nasty turn. >> i heard him say i am going to kill your dog. >> pekingese, 12 years old. the sweetest thing ever. >> reporter: she asked not to be named, so we won't show her face. she was robbed of money and her best friend roxie, who show loved most on this earth. >> she was my best friend and there. >> reporter: she lost her phone in the car and parked to look for it at levineworth and golden gate when a man approached her. >> he said give me all your money. >> he then went through her pockets and found $5 and roxy started barking. >> he said i am going to kill your blown blown dog. >> reporter: after a struggle, he made good on his promise. >> and he grabbed her from her collar and then i saw her fly towards traffic. he threw her towards oncoming traffic. >> reporter: rox
canceled and delayed even longer. good news at oakland and san jose international. where it is raining right now? you may want to check online at cbssf/weather. funerals for three first . >> the last of the victims of the newtown shooting were laid to rest yesterday. funerals for three first graders were held in connecticut and utah. overwhelming support keeps pouring in. tens of thousands of toys are coming in from around the world. people in the town are asking people to donate to their local communities rather than sending toy there is. the ones that did arrive, children were invited to the town hall to choose a toy. money is pouring in, with the official fund at $2.8 million. >>> and former governor mark sanford is considering a run for congress. >> he was an up and coming figure in the republican party before evanished from south carolina for five days in 2009. supposely he was walking the appalachian trail, but later he admitted that he was actually visiting his mistress in argentina. yesterday sanford said he may run for a house seat that will open in january. accidentally
night in oakland. neighbors demand answers. mayor quan's response to the latest violence. >> and state lawmakers get a great deal on cars they now own. and guess what? you paid for it. >>> developing news out of silicone valley. millionaire and antivirus software tycoon john mcafee has been arrested in guata mala. he has been -- guatemala. he has been on the run since early november. he refused to turn himself into authorities in beliz where he is a person of interest in the shooting death of his next door neighbor. he believes he is a victim of government conspiracy. >> the story has to get out. i have documentation that proves the intense corruption at all levels of the belizian government. now that i am safe, i can speak freely. >> he was arrested for entering guatemala illegally. he is facing deportation back to beliz. >>> oakland police have fended off the feds for now. the city cut a last-minute deal with civil rights authorities to avoid a full-scale takeover of the department. a person would be appointed by a judge and paid by the city. both sides can claim a partial victory. >
as well. >>> divine intervention may have helped save members of an oakland church youth group stranded in florida. the 24-member group was on a mission to help people when they were robbed while having lunch in a fort lauderdale restaurant. thieves broke in to their van, stole $12,000 in cash, their luggage, and i.d.s. >> the amount of money you stole, you stole dreams. you stole those things we wanted to do. and you have left many people right now without shelter, without food. >> the group is no longer stranded without money because today the owner of the miami dolphins surprised the group with a $15,000 gift. >>> a group of thieves in pacifica may want to spend less time sleeping. police literally caught the crooks napping. >> this is a place for kids and this is a community place. >> reporter: a children's theater where kids as young as 7 have been hard at work rehearsing for their holiday show. it's the last place you'd think thieves would target. >> the hallway was totally messed up. the offices, things were thrown off the desk. >> reporter: but that's how natalia found it ransac
who once played for the oakland a's. this year rivera was named billboard's mexican music artist of the year. >>> the suspect in a fatal shooting has died after being shot by police. the 31-year-old was the prime suspect in a shooting on the indian reservation. three people were found dead. one other was wounded. she was on the run with her two daughters. deputies were chasing them after ignoring signals. one of them have life threatening injuries. >>> a vigil tonight for a man shocked outside his home last night. police found a 43-year-old man with multiple gunshot wounds in front of their house just before 11:00 last night. they are still looking for the shooter and for a motive. police have not released the names of the victims. >>> an emotional win for america's team. one killed and accused of killing them. they shed their resiliency off and on the field with more on the team's tragic. dallas cowboys josh brent walked out of the texas jail on sunday. a day after he was charged in a car crash that killed his teammate. >> my dear best friend, jerry brown. i'm just dealing with
in that guy's voice. no flights were cancelled at oakland and tonight there are no delays there. >>> well, the rain down below translates to snow up top. here's what it looked like earlier on i-80. there was a major backup because of an accident on the freeway. we can see up to eight feet of new snow above 7,000 feet. by the storm the storm door closes on wednesday. >>> and you can track the storm any time with our hi-def doppler radar tracker, at >>> the rain certainly didn't stop some from doing their last- minute shopping for christmas. that's why today is being called super saturday. >> reporter: the bells are ringing. the clock is ticking. and last-minute shoppers are hitting the stores. >> this is a big shopping weekend, right before christmas. >> reporter: retail tracking firm shopper track forecasts that today and tomorrow will be among the biggest shopping days of the year, even more so than a normal saturday before christmas. since the hold falls on a tuesday, people are using the long weekend for holiday preps. >> i do think people waited a little bit and now they're
cutter to injure two family members. the woman was arrested. >>> in oakland, a man cleaning out his basement found more than 5 pounds of dynamite. he called police and the bomb squad showed up and removed the tnt. about a dozen neighbors had to be evacuated. the explosives had been there for more than 30 years! they date back to world war ii. >>> the debate over gun control has moved to one of privacy over protection after someone published a map of gun owners' homes. the maps don't show whether the residents actually oregon guns, just that they're legally able to. >> the people that are actually registering the guns and following all the rules, they're law-abiding citizens, and they should be protected. >> the new york journal news is standing behind the project. the paper also pointed out it published a similar list back in 2006. >>> los angeles became the latest city to hold a gun buy-back in the wake of the connecticut school shooting. in fact, la held the event several months early, hoping to capitalize on the momentum seen at other buy-backs like in oakland and san francisco.
apartment grabbed a nearly empty fire extinguisher. >> a manhunt for a man in oakland who shot a 15 year-old girl. on 56th avenue. a 14 year-old boy was also wounded. the suspect is between 13 and 16 years old. that makes 131 homicide in oakland. a 26 percent in years from 2011. that's a one-third increase over last year. san jose's 45 is still low for almost a million people but still 12 1/2 percent higher than 2011. rich mond is no longer on the most dangerous list. this year 18 people were killed from 45 3 years ago. it's the lowest number since 2001. a big credit to extra officers. they have gone from 40 to 190 officers in recent years. >> hilary clinton was supposed to go back to work but instead she's in the hospital suffering from a blood clot. reports on what caused the problem. >> secretary of state hilary clinton is in the hospital being treated for a blood clot. they will monitor her condition for the next 48 hours. in the statement, in the curious of a follow up exam the doctors discovered a blood clot from a fall she sustained several weeks ago while she was suffering from a
in oakland a man almost fell off his bike when he couldn't see the sidewalk. chp crews had their hands full including a spin out on highway 24 and an uprooted tree on saint stevens drive. a heavy tree limb landed on a van while it was going down wildcat road bending the roof and blowing out the windows. the two people inside were shaken but not hurt. in walnut creek instead of watching the flood line small business owners are worried about their bottom line. >> everyone's doing their christmas shopping the storm is going to keep people away from an outside store like this. >> he works at atlas men's clothing he's tried to make sure the impended storm doesn't wash away potential customers. >> we're trying to call clients and make sure they can come in. you know like whatever it takes to get them out and shop. >> well you can track the storm any time with our live high definition doppler radar on our website >> investigators race against the weather to try and solve a murder mystery in one of the bay areas exclue neighborhoods. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers on how it turned
in kentfield. seven inches in -- sfo airport, more than four, oakland saw three and a half and han jose -- san jose. >> one rain shower anywhere close to it. we need to decrease this land slide. happy rain is finished. it will be clear tonight, some usurious fog because the ground is so saturated and rain is in the forecast. coming up on compl -- weather, i'm explain. >>> don't forget can you track any storm at home, on our web site, >> glad warnings for the napa -- don tells us what may have played a big factor in preventing disaster. >> in the late afternoon sub, the napa river looks inviting enough. storms failed to bring the river less than three feet. up river, there were some minor flooding when it rose about half foot up stage. john rowjas has been through 20 years of floods. >> i used to believe sandbags didn't work, but they do. flashlights. just have everything ready, have your cars gassed up. others put their faith in the not complete flood project. >> i wasn't concerned. i know i've seen a lot v improvements in the nav napa river. officials say that next stor
this is a crime with many victims. in oakland, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. >>> a navy seal is being praised as a hero tonight. he died during a rescue mission in afghanistan. a 10-year veteran was a part of the elite special forces team. the same elite unit that carried out the raid that carried out osama bin laden. over the weekend the team was sent in to rescue an american doctor kidnapped by the taliban. a high school friend said that he always wanted to be in the military. >> that was his plan. it wasn't college, it wasn't engineering, it was i'm interested in being in the military and interested in living that lifestyle and serving my country. that's what he wanted to do. >> he was killed by a single shot to the head. seven taliban members were also killed. the doctor joseph was rescued unharmed. >>> well some california seniors fear that cuts made through the fiscal cliff could hurt them immensely. >> it helps security, medicare, and in medicaid. it's not even food on the table. that sour message. >> workers, community leaders rallied in 15 cities across the state today, including san francisco
the past 20 to 30 minutes. and over the top of hayward and also the oakland hills. the rainfall just from today, christmas, more than an inch for kentfield and another inch, plus a little change. nearly an inch of rainfall for alameda and almost one inch of rainfall today in lafayette. that means almost half a foot of rain so far this month at sfo. last december through christmas, we had .8 inches of rainfall. this year we have seen 44 more times of rain compared to last december. now there are sunnier moments coming up in your extended forecast. we will let you know when we have put together three straight days. >> all right, thank you, paul. >>> on the peninsula, people who live along a creek are watching the water nervously. afraid that it will overflow again. cbs 5 reporter is in east pal alto where a flood on sunday night pretty much ruined their holidays. >> reporter: last night they stacked these sandbags to protect homes in this neighborhood. today they have stayed pretty low. people tell me that they are taking the threat of another flood very seriously. >> it has been a crazy co
bay and oakland at 65. lows 60s in san jose which is pretty spot-on for this time of the year. looking out towards the embarcaderos, mostly cloudy skies but the clouds are going to break up. temperature-wise boy we dipped to 43 degrees at this hour in santa rosa. upper 40s around oakland through alameda. tonight 37 to 48 degrees for overnight lows. inland areas dipping well into the upper 30s. the headlines that you need to know, the clouds gradually break up in the overnight hours although we'll have pockets of fog in the northern portion of the bay area in the valleys and also in throughout the delta. tomorrow high pressure builds in sunny breezy and warmer. rain by midweek. that seven day forecast coming up. area of low pressure to the north of us. clouds spilling over the ridge of high pressure. we refer to that as a dirty ridge. however now the high pressure moves in an easterly direction and builds in and contributes to an offshore flow. and we will have nothing but sunshine, blue skies, 64 degrees as the 49ers play host to the miami dolphins, cougher at 1:# -- kickoff at 1:05. t
. but in oakland, san francisco, san jose, sitting at 50 right now. tonight when we do see the clearer skies, we'll likely drop down to the upper 30s again for vallejo, those of you watching here in redwood city. 35 for santa rosa. and napa tonight, 35. tomorrow night, more like 28 or 29 degrees. radar is clear. high-def doppler showing dry conditions throughout the bay area, but that's not going to last forever. there is kind of a two-prong attack, a winter attack, which will be under for the next couple of days. the first thing that we're going to deal with is the cold. moisture will stay to the north with the cold front moving through today. and the influence is coming down from the gulf of alaska, getting us chilly as i just mentioned napa and the north bay inland valleys will be in the upper 20s tomorrow night. but cold tonight and pretty chilly throughout the day tomorrow with even some sunshine. then we'll be turning to a wetter pattern, which begins on thursday as they retreat to the north and the west allowing about three to four different storms to move on in, which will keep us wet fo
wednesday. nearly 3 inches of rain for san francisco. more than 2 inches of rain for oakland. the rain is going to pick up again after midnight. heavy rain is likely throughout the morning tomorrow. it will be windy. we have the russian river and napa river under an official flood warning. a flash flood watch is still in effect through tomorrow for the north day, for the mountains and for the peninsula coast. there's a lot to talk about. we'll get through it and talk about what's going to happen after round three. >> heavy rain has people nervous. napa and russian rivers are under flood warnings. they're expected to rise above flood stage. don knapp is in napa. >> reporter: napa residents have been warned about the flooding. especially those living close to streams and the river. now they're bracing for the night. others are still working at it. crews were working into the night to remove about 3 dozen cottages mounted on mobile home frames from the river point resort. the rising river cut short vacations for guests staying in about 30 of the timeshare cottages that are threatened with
days ago. concord cloudy 57. oakland 53, san jose 51, livermore 50. san francisco 54. here's the setup, another system in the atmosphere heading toward northern california but farther to the north than the last one. high pressure is nudging the storm track farther away from us. so it's a near miss, and the atmosphere isn't as energized as it was over the past several days. you're getting rain, you're not getting flooding. high pressure will give us sunshine over the next several days. it'll abe chilly pattern, but it will be a drier weather pattern. showers north now, we all get them tomorrow. it'll be a wet morning commute, wet evening commute, and done with the wet for a while. several straight dry days beginning on thursday. your forecast for tomorrow, a couple degrees above average. san jose on target for early december. showers around pleasant hill, pleasanton, and san ramon. extended forecast, once the rain is finished tomorrow our yards will finally dry out. we're going to have sunshine across the board. nice weekend, chilly, but drying out after tomorrow. >> and sunshine. >> h
. and it this is about it. right now we are picking up a little bit of precipitation around oakland and also in emeryville. this will amount to less than .05 of an inch of rain. look at the sierra. we'll be finding rainfall and snowfall there. that's coming up later in this newscast. >> thanks. >>> we have developing news out of north korea. the government launched a long range rocket and claim thes to have put a satellite into orbit. the north american arrow space command confirms that north korea did large an object into orbit. north korea claims the satellite is peaceful. other countries are concerned it's a cover for testing a baa- ic missile. >>> three people dead after a mass gunman opened fire on holiday shoppers in a crowded portland-area mall. teresa garcia on the chaos. >> reporter: home video from inside an oregon mall shows a line of school children walking with hands raised while armed s.w.a.t. teams escort them to safety. at least two people died inside the mall. >> i went up to go buy the bag and then there was like 11 shots fired about and everybody just kind of stood in the
. 46 in oakland. livermore has 46 degrees . high-def doppler, just a few showers north of santa cruz. but that's about it. 0.10 an inch of rain, not much. and tomorrow, elizabeth will be talking about the patchy dense fog around the area. not that elizabeth. [ laughter ] >> are you going to do the traffic and >> maybe! >> elizabeth wagner. next round will be on friday. and the eastern pacific , we've got high pressure that is going to be replacing the low just for a day. so we get increasing sunshine for tomorrow. overnight lows tonight, chilly, 34 degrees in santa rosa. 37 for red wood city, and 38 in san jose. extended forecast, the numbers for tomorrow bikers the way, will be -- tomorrow, by the way, will be in the 50s. thursday we get sun, friday we increase to clouds, and rain, not a lot, and the weekend will be settled, on again, off again rain. it won't amount to much, but it will mess things up a bit. and a meteor shower, we'll be talking about that at 11:00. >>> now you have a new option to get down to la. but what makes the mega-bus so mega? [ female announcer ] here's to a
a call. >>> and a shooting death in east oakland. a woman was hit by gun fire in the 9,100-block of international boulevard. she was walking to the store, found herself in the middle of a running gun battle. she was pronounced dead at the scene. no suspects in custody yet. >>> in connecticut today, families buried four more victims. family came to honor daniel barden who wanted to be a firefighter someday. they also said goodbye to caroline and charlotte. officials say some wounds will never heal. >> the teachers and the parents have been telling me they can never reenter that school, that it would just be beyond them to do it. one teacher said i will quit teaching before i go back in that building. >> vicki soto is credited with saving the lives of several kids before being gunned down. she was also buried today. the 47-year-old is also being credited as a hero. >>> and as those funerals were being held, president obama moved ahead with his promise to address gun violence. he put vice president joe bidden in charge of a government-wide effort. the president is calling for "real
that it should be. the forecast highs for tomorrow, 56 in oakland, 53 in the city. the extended forecast, rain spreads south during the day. on christmas day that is. tomorrow we get a break. few showers on wednesday. the later half of the week, things don't look too bad as we will get a permanent chance to dry in. we'll need to wait until thursday for that. other news tonight, a charity that started after super storm sandy hoping to bring a little holiday cheer to the new york community that is one of the hardest hit. cbs 5 reporter is in howard beach when hundreds of kids received some early christmas gifts. >>> and a restaurant in howard beach new york, turned into a christmas wonderland for hundreds of kids. and they are still without a permanent home after super storm sandy. >> and there is food, soda, and finally presents. >> reporter: sandy flooded 10- year-old matthew rosenhouse's basement. it threatened to wipe out christmas. >> just trying to get them things. the people that have donated gifts have been awesome. >> reporter: joy wong created this gift-giving charity after helping a f
. this year marks the event's 20th year. >> checking out the headlines, three more murders brings oakland's homicide rate to it's highist since 2006. two men were shot at 1:00 a.m. 90 minutes later, a woman was stabbed to death. police made an arrest in her murder. the shootings happened in an area in west oak lan. some of san francisco's most beautiful murals have become targets for taggers. several have been vandalized from north beach to the tenderloin. vandals -- city public works says it had more than 21,000 requests for graffiti clean up this year. >>> you can still get a freed ride on muni tonight. they are waiving fares on all passengers for their anniversary. the country's oldest public transit system carrying nearly 700,000 people a day. >>> fire officials are meeting next month to discuss station closers. stationings are closing january 15 because there isn't enough money in the budget. supervisors voted to close stations in walnut creek, lafayette, and clayton. no firefighters will be laid off. the goal is to save about 3 million bucks a year. >>> the death of a woman brutally
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